Permits, Licenses & Forms

Permits and Applications may be downloaded to your computer. Please fill them out and email or deliver to the Town Hall, 215 Main St., Pine Bluffs, WY 82082
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Building permits need to be submitted by noon Wednesday, the week perceeding the regular scheduled Council meeting. Check dates for Council meetings on the Home page calendar. If your permit is in a new subdivision or a new development please have the cost estimate sheet filled out.

 Planning & Zoning

For zoning information click on Services link on the left side of page then click on Planning & Zoning. 

 Public Safety: Police & Fire

 Public Works

 Liquor Licenses

Notice of applications for renewal of Retail Liquor Licenses for the Town of Pine Bluffs
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the applicants whose names are set forth have filed applications for renewals of their Retail Liquor Licenses in the office of the Town Clerk, Town of Pine Bluffs, County of Laramie, Wyoming.
The names of said applicants and the description of the place or premise, which the applicant desires to use as the place of sale,  are set forth as follows:

The Knotty Pine Saloon, Inc.                      dba, Knotty Pine Saloon, Inc.
                                                                  603 West 6th Street
                                                                  33' x 45' room north half of building

James Zitek                                                dba, Pine Bowl
                                                                  214 East 3rd Street
                                                                  22' x 22' room in the SW corner of building

Trans West Development, LLC                  dba, Pine Bluffs EXXON
                                                                  715 Parson Street
                                                                  15' x 23' room in the NE corner of building

Protests, if any there be, against the renewal of any of these licenses will be heard at the hour of 7:00 p.m. on Monday, annually, in the Pine Bluffs Town Hall, 215 Main Street, Pine Bluffs, Wyoming.
/s/ Jackie Fornstrom, Town Clerk

 Municipal Meeting Room

The Municipal Meeting Room is located at 215 Main Street, 2nd floor, South Wing.
This room has 12 conference style tables and 24 chairs. It also has a big screen TV that can be used for presentations, direct hook up for your laptop.

Click on link below for application.