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Windows on the Past Archeological Dig Site

The Pine Bluffs Archaeology Site is a trash midden site used by the people of Pine Bluffs from 1880 - 1915. Bottles, crockery, horseshoes and cans lie on the ground as they were discarded.
Below the midden, Native American artifacts have been unearthed dating back hundreds and thousands of years.  Fire pits, buffalo bones, trade beads and stone tools await your inspection.

You can drive to the site or walk to the site from the rest area.   If walking is your pleasure, there is a path that leads from the rest area and goes over the bluffs, along the way you can view the beautiful wild flowers and wildlife.  To drive there go North on Parsons to stop sign hang a left on Highway 30 go approximately .3 miles roughly 2 blocks and you will see a dirt road on your left next to Pine Bluffs Weed and Pest building, turn left. Your are now on Muddy Creek Drive, take the road under the overpass.  The excavation site is visible after you are through the overpass and it will be off to your left.

Summer Hours of operation:
Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm
Saturday - 10am - 2pm
Sunday - 12am - 4pm