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 CodeRED is now Rave Alert

The Cheyenne/Laramie County Emergency Management Agency has announced the changing of its Emergency Notification System vendor from CodeRed to Rave Alert.

With this switch, they will be more integrated with their partners at Laramie County Combined Communications Center (911) and their SMART 911 System, which means a more streamlined process for citizens to receive emergency notifications as well as an opportunity for citizens to provide valuable information instantaneously to their 911 call takers.

Just like with their CodeRed System, Rave Alert will only be used during an actual emergency and most often times will be set up geographically to the area that is at risk.

If you would only like to receive the emergency alerts, all you need to do is create an account providing: name, phone number, email address and create a password. The SMART 911 portion is the information that instantaneously can be provided to a 911 operator when you call 911 for emergency services. This portion of the questions are completely optional, but highly encouraged as it provides 911 operators with valuable information that can be passed along to our first responders with no delay. All information can only be accessed when you call 9-1-1 and will only be used to assist you in an emergency.

If you had previously signed up for the CodeRed notifications, please enroll in the Rave System as CodeRed will no longer be available in Laramie County. Much of the information was set to be kept private, even from us so it does not transfer.

Use this link to sign up:


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